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I'm Fil Eco-Sustainable Wines

Top Wines Import markets a broad range of wines that provide value and quality for the “New world” wine consumers. Top Wines Import was founded in 2012 by Antonino Nigrelli who embraces his passion for wines from all over the world, he is personally and intimately involved in the careful selection of each wine from the vineyard to the customer’s glass. The flagship wine of our portfolio is “Santa Elvira” name after Mrs. Elvira Nigrelli which embraces wines from the most prestigious Italian wine regions such as; Veneto (Verona/ Treviso), Sicily, Piedmont, Tuscany, Lombardi, Abruzzo and many more. In addition due to the company’s amazing success in the Cruise Line industry and the domestic market, it’s founder and CEO Mr. Antonino Nigrelli has since expanded the company’s portfolio to represent wines from other countries around the world, such as: France, Argentina, Chile and many more. always focusing in quality, authenticity and personal experience, we are focused on showcasing true terroir-driven experiences from the most reputable wine regions in the world.