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Un agradecimiento especial a nuestros patrocinadores

Patrocinador Diamante

2013 Year of Italian Culture

2013 has been declared the Year of Italian Culture in the USA under the auspices of the Italian Foreign Ministry, the Italian Embassy to the US and the Italian General Consulate in Miami. The Italian Film Festival will strive to plan and execute an even greater number of events in […]

Patrocinador Platino

Italian Trade Commission

Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña

El Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña se crea por virtud de la Ley Núm. 89, de 21 de junio de 1955, según enmendada, como una entidad oficial, corporativa y autónoma. Su misión es establecer e implantar la política pública relacionada con la conservación, promoción, enriquecimiento y divulgación de las artes, las […]

Miami – Dade County

The Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs serves a kaleidoscopic community of more than 2 million residents and 10 million annual visitors that is recognized nationally for the breadth and richness of its cultural diversity. Few major metropolitan areas in the country have witnessed such dynamic growth in their local […]

Patrocinador Oro

Consolato Generale d’Italia Miami

2013 HAS BEEN DECLARED THE YEAR OF ITALIAN CULTURE One of the most important missions of an Italian Institution abroad, beside the consular tasks, such as providing adequate services to the Italian Nationals residing in its jurisdiction, should consist in supporting all the initiatives intended to promote the image of […]

Nivel Plata y Socios de Medios


Filmitalia S.p.a. is the Cinecittà Holding group company created to promote Italian cinema abroad, and increase the distribution of Italian films on the International market. Functioning under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture-Direction Cinema, Filmitalia plays an all round and leading role in the promotion of Italian audiovisual production.

Societa Dante Alighieri

The “Societá Dante Alighieri” of Miami is a non profit organization, founded in 1997, under the auspices of the Consulate of Italy, with the goal to promote the Italian language and culture. The Dante organizes Italian language courses for all levels. In addition to the Italian language courses, we sponsor […]

Nivel Amigo

Red Cat Studios

Red Cat Studios is a Graphic Design Studio offering Powerful and Creative Web Design and Graphic Design Layouts for Law Firms and Legal Web sites, Physicians, Doctors, Surgeons, MedSpas, Medical Web Sites, Real Estate Brokers and Realtor Web Design with inventory and MLS management tools. We specialize in custom CMS […]