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September 27, 2019

Unveiling the evolution of this year’s festival image


We are delighted to unveil this year’s festival image and to share the exciting story behind its creation, as it has been designed for the fifth time by upcoming talents:
In 2015, we launched a competition among graphic design students to create the yearly festival image. The collaboration aims to stimulate and promote upcoming creative talents to demonstrate their capabilities of capturing an idea and transforming it into art.

This year’s image was designed by students attending the Global Strategic Communications Creative track graduate program, led by Prof. Grizelle De Los Reyes at Florida International University in partnership with Miami Ad School.

The diversity of the entries as well as the muse and creativity of these growing talents is just remarkable! Finally, the above artwork won this year’s competition to design the image for XVII CINEMA ITALY Miami and XVI CINEMA ITALY Atlanta.

CINEMA ITALY recognizes the winning team:
Alyssa Sanchez, Keerthi Dakshinamurthy, Michelle Mardoff

At the same time, we recognize the fruitful collaboration with Prof. Grizelle De Los Reyes as well as all the participating students, attending the 2019 Global Strategic Communications Creative track graduate program offered by FIU and the Miami Ad school:

Professor Grizelle De Los Reyes from Florida International University is the Director of the elite Global Strategic Communications program – creative track, in partnership with world-renowned Miami Ad School. Her main goal is to work on projects with her students that provide the opportunity of gaining real world experience and produce work which can be showcased in their portfolios and to talk about in job interviews.

“Working with Cinema Italy was the real deal. The 10 creative students who worked on this assignment are new to the graduate creative track program with our partner, Miami Ad School. They come from all over the world and the United States to study creative strategy, art direction and copywriting with us. This was their first assignment and experience working with fellow students they did not know. They never cease to amaze me and prove that we select the best creative talent. ”
If you want to reach Professor De Los Reyes, email her at or to learn more about this program visit