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And the Italian Film Festival 2007 Winner is......

The Italian Film Festival gratefully recognizes the incredible support provided by the High Museum in the successful execution of the first Italian Film Festival in Atlanta. We would also like to thank our generous sponsors Peroni Beer, Vodka Roberto Cavalli, Poltrona Frau, Academia Barilla, Bazzaar and Toscano and Sons. But, most importantly, we would like to thank our audience without whom all of our efforts would be worthless.

You have spoken and we were certainly listening. Based on your direct feedback by filling the People Choice cards we have tabulated the results and the winner of the 2007 Italian Film Festival Best Picture is “Alla Luce del Sole” (Come into the Light) with an impressive vote of 9.76 out of a maximum vote of 10. It was followed by “Manuale d’Amore” (Manual of Love) with 9.63 and by “La seconda Notte di Nozze” (The second Wedding Night) with 8.83. We are already hard at work on the 2008 edition with more films, more events and many surprises. Please register in our mailing list and ask your friends to do it too as we will try to organize events and free screenings throughout the year and we will communicate them directly to you. Thanks for your support.