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October 14, 2008

And the Italian Film Festival 2008 Winner is ....

Our Sixth Edition was characterized by an unprecedented number of votes given by an eager and delighted audience. Once again the average vote for the 10 new films was higher than in any of the previous year. When you speak we listen and try hard to deliver, within what films are available on any given year, and we definitely delivered this year with three titles surpassing the nine points and a total of eight above eight points. The results are as follows:

  1. in fourth place the romantic comedy Notte Prima degli Esami, Oggi (Night before the exam, today) with 8.907;
  2. in third place our Closing Film Saturno Contro (Saturn in Opposition) with 9.136;
  3. in second place the drama Prendimi l’Anima (the Soul Keeper) with 9.209;
  4. and this year winner, our Opening Film I Vicere (The Viceroys) directed by Roberto Faenza and produced by Academy Award Nominee Elda Ferri with a 9.363 average vote. We would also like to mention Carnera, the Walking Mountain with 8.098; Giorni e Nuvole with 8.094 and Cardiofitness with 8.067. Thank you for your vote and support