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And the 2013 Cinema Italy Miami Winner is ...

Of the ten films in competition for the Best Film Award as judged by our audience, these were the top choices:

Cosimo e Nicole, marking the return of Italian heartthrob Riccardo Scamarcio to the big screen (8.682)

Tutti I Santi Giorni form director Paolo Virzi and featuring Federica Caiozzo nominated to the Davide di Donatello for best actress actually won the Silver Ribbon for best score having composed and performed the entire sound track (8.687)

Buongiorno Papa featuring award winning actor Raul Bova although the real winner was his daughter in the film, upcoming young actress Rosabel Laurenti, who won the 2013 Biraghi Award for her performance (8.759)

Gli equilibristi our closing film where the same Rosabel Laurenti playing a different daughter was nominated for the 2013 Davide di Donatello, our Oscars, for best supporting actress while Valerio Mastandrea won the Davide for Best Actor (8.1632)

Benur, un Gladiatore in Affitto was one of those films I had to ask our screening team to take a good look at, I didn’t know if it managed to transmit the same strong feelings I had to a non Italian Audience, they loved it and so did the audience ( 9.142)

Who says comedy is dead, Director Fausto Brizzi latest effort Pazze di Me was a super close second with (9.1417)

But who says comedy always wins totally underestimates our audience, this year winner of the XI Cinema Italy already had 18 nominations and 4 wins in the international circuit and you just made it FIVE wins.
With 9.1535 the winning film is VIVA LA LIBERTA`