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This is the true story of Luca, a single Catholic man who in 2017 adopted Alba, a Down's syndrome child left in hospital shortly after being born. Luca, played by a passionate Pierluigi Gigante, is a young, gay, Catholic Neapolitan man from a wealthy, middle-class family who's not only driven

Vera exists in a violent man’s world and deals with extreme danger every day. Her personal life is somehow both non-existent and, at the same time, complicated. Vera‘s current assignment sees her providing weapons for a Serbian crime syndicate planning a heist. Their leader, Dragan (Alan Katić), is an insane

In the absence of job offers, Antonio, a passionate but often unemployed actor, accepts the job offered to him by an old friend and colleague, much smarter and more successful than him, as a teacher in a theater workshop at a penitentiary institute. Hesitant at first, he discovers talent in

This is the tale of the life of Marco Carrera, known as Colibrì or "the hummingbird": a life of fateful coincidences, loss, and stories of absolute love. The plot moves forward on the strength of recollections that allow us to leap from one period to another, from one era to

Antonio is a former shipyard worker in a town in Lombardy overlooking a lake (the film was shot in Lecco and its surroundings). He plays bocce with his friends (Bebo Storti, Maurizio Donadoni, Martin Chishimba), has an ex-wife he gets on well with (Sandra Ceccarelli), and goes to bed with

Anita is a 17-year-old girl, shy and insecure; she feels different from her peers but still doesn't know who she is. In a summer by the sea, instead of spending the days with other kids and experiencing the holidays' lightheartedness, she prefers to study the piano to prepare for an