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Nino and Caterina have been married for sixty-five years. The elderly pharmacist is now widowed and the memories of his love story with his wife resurface in him with lucidity and full of details. The man's daughter, a well-known publisher, decides to hire a writer to write a novel about

Matteo (Alessio Vassallo) is a technician of the municipal administration of a small province, but he has the dream of becoming a cartoonist. When he meets Paola (Ilaria Spada), a famous comic book writer, his life changes radically: the two fall in love and start a family. From their union

Andrea is a normal boy, bordering on the banal: he has an exaggerated best friend to keep at bay, a difficult exam to pass and an ex-girlfriend with whom he pushes back and forth. But he likes his life as it is and when he discovers he has an incurable

An old prison built in the 19th century, located in a remote and unspecified part of the Italian territory, is being decommissioned. As a result of bureaucratic holdups, the transfers have been blocked and a dozen inmates are left, along with a few guards, waiting to be sent to new