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Atlanta Cinema Italy Films 2011
April 29, 2015

IX Cinema Italy Atlanta 2015, and the winner is....

The 8 films of our IX edition have been screened, our audience have spoken and the winner is…

In a year characterized by higher attendance and very high votes from our audience the top five films came in with very close voting and the titles are:
In 5th place life in Palermo from childhood to adulthood intertwined with Cosa Nostra in La Mafia Uccide Solo d’Estate with 8.1176;
In 4th place a romantic comedy with a thriller twist in La Sedia della Felicita with 8.2236;
In 3rd place the most human film of this year, Zoran, il mio Nipote Scemo with 8.4893;
in 2nd place the return of actor director Rocco Papaleo in Una Piccola Impresa Meridionale with 8.5606
And the winner is ….. a comedy made of errors and misunderstandings, a group of friends for life, despite everything, the wedding of the year or the disaster of the century in Un Matrimonio da Favola with 8.6229

The IX edition of Cinema Italy Atlanta, April 23 – 26, was presented at the prestigious Plaza Theatre, 1049 Ponce de Leon Avenue Atlanta, GA 30306 for the third consecutive year in collaboration with the most important cinematic event of the year, the Atlanta International Film Festival, fully dedicated, as we are, to bringing the best in international culture to this city.
It is our intention to maintain and grow our event in Atlanta by establishing date, format and venue year after year as we grow the festival with more films and events but this cannot be done without your help.