“Italian Cinema Around the World” commissioned by Cinema Italy to Italian sculptor Paolo Lizzi to be presented as the “Best Film Award”

Paolo Lizzi

Italian Artist Paolo Lizzi is a native of Asti Italy. He attended the Primo Liceo Artistico di Torino, and he received a degree in sculpting from L'”Accademia Albertina” di Belle Arti di Torino. He has produced numerous monuments in the Regione Piemonte. Since 1989 he has created many works in gold, and in 1993 was awarded a special mention at the JA International Jewelry Show at the Gallery of Design & Innovation in New York. One of his work of art, “A Salute to the Sister Cities”, is at the Stephen P. Clark Center in Miami since 2001. Lizzi is presently exhibiting his work in art galleries in Piedmont, Milan and Montecarlo. For more information please visit the web site

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Previous Winners

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Best Film Award Selection Method

Cinema Italy recognizes that the ultimate “Judge Pannell” is the audience and provides each person with a voting card upon entering the cinema. The card, collected after the screening, has three options:

  • Excellent, valued at 10 points
  • Good, valued at 7 points
  • Average, valued at 3 points

The audience votes are based on Artistic Value, Technical Performance (directors, actors, screenplay) and overall Entertainment Value. The points are added and then divided by the number of votes received giving an equal opportunity to all films regardless of time and day of the screening.