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I Vicere
April 13, 2009

And the Atlanta Italian Film Festival 2009 Winner is ....

Like every year in every Festival we organize we value your opinion and taste in movies above all, that is way the Best Film in each Festival is never selected by a panel of “Judges” but it is instead selected by you, the ultimate judge. Once again, you came, you saw, you voted. And the results are:

In Third Place with 8.62 Notte Prima Degli Esami, Oggi

In Second Place with 8.75 Parlami d’Amore

In First Place with 8.98 I Vicere`

We hope you have enjoyed our efforts as we are already hard at work on preparing for our 2010 Film Festival in collaboration with Georgia State University by pre-selecting the titles of our 2009 Film Festival in Miami, to be held in October, the best of which will be programmed in Atlanta. Next spring we plan on bringing you more films, more days of screenings, a short film and a documentary section and we will strive also to bring the actors and directors that make Italian Cinema one of the best in the world. Again Thank You for your support and your warm welcome, a true example of Southern Hospitality, and do not hesitate to contact me with your comments or questions. Again, Grazie!