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Music Drama

My Soul Summer

  • Screening: March 15, 2024   7:00 pm
  • Venue: O Cinema Miami Beach

Anita is a 17-year-old girl, shy and insecure; she feels different from her peers but still doesn’t know who she is. In a summer by the sea, instead of spending the days with other kids and experiencing the holidays’ lightheartedness, she prefers to study the piano to prepare for an exam at the Conservatory to make her mother happy. Next to her grandmother’s villa where she is staying lives Vins, a legendary rock star with a turbulent past. Vins recognizes her extraordinary talent and will spur Anita into discovering another way of experiencing music and a voice she doesn’t even know she has. Even her meeting with Vittore, a shy boy different from all the others, will make her discover herself in that summer that she will always remember, her Soul Summer.​


My Soul Summer


  • Date: March 15, 2024
  • Time: 7:00 pm
  • Venue: O Cinema Miami Beach
  • Address: 1130 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

About the Film

  • English: My Soul Summer
  • Duration: 1:43
  • Genre: Music Drama
  • Release: 2022
  • Stars: Casadilego, Tommaso Ragno, Luka Zunic, Agnese Claisse, Anna Ferzetti,
  • Director: Fabio Mollo
  • Photography: Daniele Ciprì
  • Producer: Massimo Di Rocco, Luigi Napoleone, Silvio Maselli, Daniele Basilio