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Il Tuttofare


INSFJ 2018: Winner Guglielmo Biraghi Award; Nominated for Best New Director, Best Actor in a Comedy


  • Date: October 08, 2018
  • Time: 07:30 PM
  • Venue: Regal Cinemas
  • Address: 1120 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139
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About the Film

  • English: The Handyman
  • Duration: 1:38
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release: 2018
  • Director: Valerio Attanasio
  • Music Director: Pivio, Aldo De Scalzi
  • Editor: Giuseppe Trepiccione
  • Screen Play: Valerio Attanasio
  • Producer: Mario Gianani, Lorenzo Mieli, Lorenzo Gangarossa
  • Photography: Ferran Paredes Rubio
  • Stars: Sergio Castellitto, Guglielmo Poggi, Elena Sofia Ricci

We are all equal before the law but some are just more equal than others. Antonio Bonocore (Guglielmo Poggi) is a law student who dreams of a contract in the prestigious studio of his mentor the prince of the forum Salvatore “Toti” Bellastella (Sergio Castellitto): professor of criminal law, subtle jurist and lover of classical antiquity, so much so that he could easily converse in Latin or Ancient Greek. Bellastella is the non plus ultra of Italian lawyers and shamelessly uses the boy as a personal factotum, chauffer and even personal chef for a meager reimbursement of expenses. The fact is that the studio is actually owned by Titti, the wife of Bellastella who is very stingy with money. When after two years of total abnegation Antonio passes his bar examination with an exceptional result, fifth place out of 5,000 candidates, Bellastella decides to reward him with an offer he describes as one that cannot be refused: a collaboration contract worth 10,000 euro per month that includes a gradual involvement in the most prestigious cases. There is, however, one small condition: Antonio will have to marry Bellastella’s young Argentinean lover, Isabel, so that she can become an Italian citizen. A marriage that won’t be a bed of roses…