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  • David di Donatello 2017: Winner
  • Globi d'Oro 2017: Winner
  • La Biennale di Venezia 2016: Winner of two
  • Festival du Cinema Italien de Bastia 2017: Winner
  • Viva il Cinema! Journées du film italien à Tours 2017: Winner
  • International Film Festival Bratislava 2016: Winner
  • Rencontres du cinéma italien à Toulouse 2016: Winner
  • Terra di Cinema festival 2017: Winner
  • Annecy Cinema Italien 2016: Winner
  • 8½ - Festa do Cinema Italiano 2017
  • Lavazza Italian Film Festival 2016
  • Semana de Cine Italiano - Buenos Aires 2017
  • Tokyo Italian Film Festival 2017
  • Dublin International Film Festival 2017
  • Festival International du Film d'amour de Mons 2017
  • Göteborg Film Festival 2017
  • International Film Festival Rotterdam 2017
  • Italian Film Festival in Scotland 2017
  • Open Roads: New Italian Cinema 2017
  • BFI London Film Festival 2016
  • Mostra de Cinema Italià de Barcelona 2016
  • Reykjavík International Film Festival 2016
  • Villerupt Italian Film Festival 2016



  • Date: October 09, 2017
  • Time: 07:30 AM
  • Venue: COLONY Theatre
  • Address: 1040 Lincoln Road Miami Beach, FL 33139
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About the Film

  • English: Worldly Girl
  • Duration: 1:44
  • Genre: Romantic-Drama
  • Release: 2016
  • Director: Marco Danieli
  • Music Director: Umberto Smerilli
  • Editor: Alessio Franco, Davide Vizzini
  • Screen Play: Marco Danieli, Antonio Manca
  • Producer: Elisabetta Bruscolini, Fabio Piscopo
  • Photography: Emanuele Pasquet
  • Stars: Sara Serraiocco, Michele Riondino, Pippo Delbono, Marco Leonardi, Lucia Mascino, Stefania Montorsi

Giulia’s world is an ancient one, suspended in time and built on rigor and sacred texts, which fiercely excludes anyone who doesn’t belong to it. Libero’s world is that which is inhabited by everyone else: by those who make mistakes, those who make do as they seek other prospects, and those who love unconditionally. When Giulia meets Libero, she discovers there may be another destiny awaiting her, one she can choose for herself. Theirs is a pure and inevitable love story, as the two young people embark on an intense period in their lives together, a choice that leads to Giulia being completely cut off from the Jehovah’s Witness world she belongs to. Film Director Marco Danieli said about his film: I have always been very interested in the themes of identity, a person’s growth and development, and the relationship between individuals and communities. In my opinion, religious orthodoxy represents an ideal context to explore these issues, because the expression of individual willpower inevitably collides with the ethical and theoretical superstructures of the community. This is the reason why I consider my film as a coming-of-age story, rather than a romantic film, despite its being ruled by a complex and passionate love story. Love spurs the protagonist to search for her identity, but that was just the beginning of her journey.