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  • Lavazza Italian Film Festival 2017
  • Monte-Carlo Comedy Film Festival 2017
  • ICFF Italian Contemporary Film Festival 2017



  • Date: October 08, 2017
  • Time: 07:30 PM
  • Venue: COLONY Theatre
  • Address: 1040 Lincoln Road Miami Beach, FL 33139
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About the Film

  • English: It's all about Karma
  • Duration: 1:30
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release: 2017
  • Director: Edoardo Falcone
  • Music Director: Michele Braga
  • Editor: Luciana Pandolfelli
  • Screen Play: Edoardo Falcone, Marco Martani
  • Producer: Mario Gianani, Lorenzo Mieli
  • Photography: Maurizio Calvesi
  • Stars: Fabio De Luigi, Elio Germano, Eros Pagni, Daniela Virgilio, Isabella Ragonese

Giacomo is the heir to a dynasty of color pencil industrialists who suffered the trauma of seeing his father commit suicide by throwing himself from his study window as a child. He has come to want to get to know his father over the years; he is educated, uninterested in the family business, a pure and noble soul who reads Bhagavadgītā and watches films by Yasujirô Ozu. It is these very intellectual tendencies of his that lead him to believe his father could have been reincarnated, and his encounter with an elderly French esotericist strengthens his convictions. The scholar even gives him a name and a place: Mario Pitagora, Rome. Giacomo soon tracks down a man of that name. Mario Pitagora is the exact opposite of Giacomo, as is true in any self-respecting buddy movie: brash, hungry for money, a terrible father and a con artist plagued with debt that is pursued by money-lenders. It’s only natural that he would take advantage of the seeming naivety of this rich young man, and play along as the “reincarnated dad”. But you don’t mess with karma, and the characters will reap what they sow.