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Golden Ciak Awards 2017: Winner Best Producer; Nominated for Best Editing and Best Sound

INSFJ 2017: Winner Claudio Amendola and Luca Argentero; Nominated for Best Supporting Actor, Best Editing and Best Sound

Noir In Festival 2016: in Competition - Audience Award

Festival du Cinema Italien de Bastia 2018: Compétition

Ajaccio Italian Film Festival 2017: En Compétition - Prix Jury Lycéen

Cinema Italy - Miami/Atlanta Italian Film Festival 2017

Les rencontres du cinéma italien à Toulouse 2017: En compétition

Villerupt Italian Film Festival 2017: Compétition


  • Date: April 29, 2018
  • Time: 07:30 PM
  • Venue: PLAZA Theatre
  • Address: 1049 Ponce De Leon Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30306
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About the Film

  • English: The Furlough
  • Duration: 1:30
  • Genre: Crime Drama
  • Release: 2017
  • Director: Claudio Amendola
  • Music Director: Paolo Vivaldi
  • Editor: Roberto Siciliano
  • Screen Play: Giancarlo De Cataldo, Claudio Amendola, Roberto Jannone
  • Producer: Claudia Bonivento, Federico Carniel
  • Photography: Maurizio Calvesi
  • Stars: Giancarlo De Cataldo, Claudio Amendola, Roberto Jannone

From the prison in Civitavecchia, 4 detainees leave for 48 hours on a special furlough: Rossana, 25, rich and a rebel arrested at the airport for cocaine traffic; the fifty-year-old Luigi, condemned for a double murder that has already kept him 17 years behind bars; Angelo, a twenty-five-year-old in prison for a robbery with accomplices he never denounced; Donato, 35, condemned while being innocent. The two days will be used by each of them to try to fit and find again the reality they have left for a long time. The Furlough is an ensemble movie, it is the story of four inmates during their 48 hours furlough, of their reality and how it has brought them behind bars. The characters are described with realism, with their contradictions, their desperation, the constant temptation of an escape, but the cornerstone of the movie is the sincerity of the positive feelings of each and every one of them: the love of a father for his son, the love for a woman, for friends, and most of all the pursuit of a lost (if ever had) personal dignity and pride. Four characters of different ages and extractions, three men and a woman: Luigi, Donato, Rossana and Angelo.